Who can protect from mankind?

German chancellor Angela Merkel said Corona would be "our biggest challenge since World War II". A statement that gives an untold weight to the current situation. And that leaves everything else irrelevant. But what about all the other challenges of our times? What about saving our planet, for example? Isn't planet earth something slightly more important than just one incredible selfish specie that thinks of itself as the pride of creation?


Here are some additional notes and source references to the images above. Those are reduced to short sentences. Please feel free to inform yourself about the detailed facts behind that sentences.


"Worst Case: Aproximately 2 % [of all humans] may die because of corona." No one can say exactely. But some say e.g. in africa up to 3 % could die because of corona, much less in the industrial nations. We all hope it will be really much less. Up to today, some 5,5% of infected people died in china, totally 4.642 (unless April 21th). That means „only“ 0,003% of Chinese people.





"Mankind already killed 100% of almost half of all species". WWF tells, over the last 39 years (state of 2014) humans exterminated 40% of all vertebrate animals due to hunting, fishing and minimizing habitats. (Source in german.)




And concerning flight traffic  (Sources in german.):




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